TS number
gold, nickel
Case type
3101.8-8.01, 3101.8-8.01НБ, 3101.8-9.01, 3101.8-9.01НБ
Price on demand
  • Technical characteristics

A wide range of input voltages (UICmax) of the operational amplifier 1489UD17 in combination with a high common-mode input voltages rejection ratio (KCMR) and high impedance provides high accuracy for non-inverting switch circuits. High linearity and accuracy values can be achieved in strong feedback circuits. 1489УД17 operational amplifier has a high and standardized stability of offset voltage and input offset current (IA) depending on time and changes in ambient temperature. Accuracy and stability at high amplifications have made this operational amplifier an instrumental standard for high-precision measuring and computing devices.

Main electrical parameters

Parameter name, unit of measurement Parameter symbol Maximum permissible mode Limiting mode
at most at least at most at least
Ambient temperature, °С T -60 125 -60 125
Supply voltage, V UCC ±13,5 ±16,5 ±3 ±22
Input common-mode voltage, V UIC –10 10 ± UCC
Load resistance, kOhm RL 2 0,3