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It is used to build a multiplex data transmission channel according to GOST R52070-2003 "Serial interface bus of electronic modules system. General requirements" to ensure the interface device integration with an isolating pulse transformer in transformer or transformer-free (direct) connection to the trunk bus.

Main electrical parameters

Parameter name, unit of measurement Parameter symbol Standard
at least at most
Supply voltage, V UCC 4,5 5,5
Low-level input voltage, V UIL 0 0,8
High-level input voltage, V UIH 2,0 UCC
Receiver differential input voltage range, V UI R - 9,0
Transmitter output pulse current, A IO - 0,55
Maximum power dissipation in the mode without information transmission, W (at 25°С, Uсс = 5,5 V) PD1 - 0,13
Maximum power dissipation in the mode of continuous information transmission, W (at 25°С, Ucc = 5,5 V) PD2 - 0,95