TS number
gold, nickel
Case type
2140.20-4, 2140.20-4Н
Price on demand
  • Technical characteristics

It is used to build a multiplex data transmission channel according to GOST R 52070-2003 "Serial interface bus of electronic modules system. General requirements" to ensure the interface device integration with an isolating pulse transformer in transformer or transformer-free (direct) connection to the trunk bus.

Main electrical parameters

Parameter name, unit of measurement Parameter symbol Maximum permissible mode Limiting mode
at least at most at least at most
Supply voltage, V UCC 4,5 5,5 – 0,3 7
Low-level input voltage, V UIL 0 0,8 – 0,3 0,8
High-level input voltage, V UIH 2 UCC 2 UCC+0,3
Receiver differential input voltage range, V UI R 9 10
Transmitter output pulse current, A IO 0,55 1
Maximum power dissipation in no information transmission mode, W (at 25°С, Uсс = 5,5 V) PTOT1 0,13
Maximum power dissipation in continuous information transmissionmode, W (at 25°С, Ucc = 5,5 V) PTOT2 0,95 1,1