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  • Technical characteristics

2627КТ025 microcircuit assembly consists off our digital CMOS channels with output stages implemented on powerful high-voltage n-channel MOS transistors. Each channel has in-built overcurrent protection with trigger threshold at a typical level 2A. It is used in equipment. Functional purpose is a current switch.

Main electrical parameters

Parameter name, unit of measurement Parametersymbol Standard
Maximum permissible mode Maximum permissible mode
at least at least at least at least
1. Supply voltage, V UC1 4,75 5,25 – 0,2 1) 7,0
2.DC supplyvoltage, V UC2 7,0 30,0 – 0,2 1) 35,0
3. Pulse voltage amplitude at output stages, V UC2.P 0 80,0 2) 0 90,0 2)
3. High level input voltage, V U1I 0,8 UC1 UC1 7,0
4. Low level input voltage, V U0I 0 0,2UC1 – 0,2 1)
1)Mode time is no more than 100 ms; 2)Mode time is no more than 5 µs, pulse ratio is no less than 1000.