TS number
gold, nickel
Case type
3107.12-2.01, 3107.12-2.01НБ
Price on demand
  • Technical characteristics

140MA101AС(1)KM, 140MA101БС(1)KM microcircuits are designed for use in electronic equipment as a mixer, multiplier and modulator of an alternating radio frequency signal.

Main electrical parameters

Parameter name, unit of measurement Parameter symbol Maximum permissible mode Limiting mode
at least at most at least at most
Ambient temperature, °С Т -60 125 -60 125
Supply voltage, V Ucc - ±13,2 - ±13,8
Input differential voltage at the input of control signal, V UIDC - ±1,5 - ±(5+I2(12)·R4-10)
Input differential voltage at the input of reference signal, V UIDR - - - 5,0
Maximum operating current, mA I2, I12 - 1,5 - 1,6