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А instrumentation amplifier is designed for precision voltage amplification with high signal transmission accuracy. Due to the high input impedance, low offset voltage, signal transmission accuracy and high degree of common-mode rejection, the chip is ideal for various sensors and converters of physical quantities to voltage. Low current consumption and a wide range of supply voltages allow the chip to be used in battery-powered devices.

Main electrical parameters

Parameter name, unit of measurement Parameter symbol Maximum permissible mode Limiting mode
at most at least at most at least
Ambient temperature, °С ТAMB -60 125 -60 125
Supply voltage, V UCC ±1,5 ±18 ±1,25 ±19
Input common-mode voltage, V UCM – Uсс+ 2 Uсс– 2 – Uсс Uсс
Input differential voltage, V UD 25 27
Reference voltage, V Uref – Uсс+ 2 Uсс– 2 – Uсс Uсс