МК2628 (provisional designation)

TS number
In progress
Case type
QLCC 17/28
Completion date
Price on demand
МК2628 (provisional designation)
  • Technical characteristics

The microcircuit is designed to generate demagnetization and magnetization currents of two double-winding ferrite phase shifters with a current sensor actuation at 2.5 A.

Main electrical parameters

Parameter (mode) name, unit of measurement Parameter symbol Maximum permissible mode Limiting mode Note
at least at most at least at most
Supply voltage, V UDD 4,5 5,5 –0,3 7 1
Low-level input voltage, V UIL 0 0,8 –0,3 1
High-level input voltage, V UIH 2,0 UDD UDD+0,3 1
Pulse current at terminals L, A IL 5 8 2, 4
LIM output voltage, V ULIM 0 UDD –0,3 UDD+0,3 1
LIM output load resistance, kOhm RLIM 1 0,8
Maximum power dissipation, W P 1,5 2 4