TS number
Case type
КД-35С (analogue)
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  • Technical characteristics

КА311А9 microwave PIN diodes are designed to operate in VHF and UHF radio-electronic equipment. They are used in microwave signal switching devices (in protective and measuring devices, radars, weather radars, phase shifters, microwave switches, attenuators).

Main electrical parameters

Parameter name, unit of measurement (measurement mode) Symbol Standard
At least At most
1. Normalized continuous reverse voltage, V (Irev= 10 µA, Tс= 25±10 оС) Urev 500
2. Forward loss resistance, Ohm (Ifor= 100 mA, fmeas.= 100 MHz, Tс= 25±10 оС) Rfor 0,5
3. Total capacitance, pF (Urev= 100 V, Tс= 25±10 оС) C 0,5 1
4. Accumulated charge, nC (Ifor= 100 mA, Urev= 50 V, Tс= 25±10 оС) Qacc 300
5. Thermal junction-to-case resistance, оС/W (Tс= 25±10 оС) Rj-t-c 15
6. Reverse loss resistance, Ohm (Urev= 50 В, fmeas.= 1 GHz, Tс= 25±10 оС) Rrev 2000